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527 – Rear Wheel Horsepower

October 30th, 2009 · 1 Comment

This fall I took the plunge and supercharged my GTO.  It is incredible! Here’s the video of the car. A big thanks to East Texas Muscle Cars for the great build. The car now has 620hp measured at the crank if you factor in a 15% drivetrain loss.

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The LS2 is Where?

September 17th, 2008 · Comments Off on The LS2 is Where?

  The ubiquitous GM LS2 V8 is one of the great engines for sale right now.  It evolved from the infamous LS1 engine and turned into the 6.0 liter 400hp heart of the 2005 Corvette.  The LS2 has also served time in the Pontiac GTO, Chevy Trailblazer SS, Chevy SSR and the Cadillac CTS-V.  The […]

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The Mod Squad

September 16th, 2008 · Comments Off on The Mod Squad

  No, not that Mod Squad.  I’m talking about the people that “mod” their cars. There is an entire industry out there where a lot of people are making some serious coin around aftermarket modifications of their vehicles.  There are a lot of reasons people will modify their vehicles, but they can really be organized […]

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Does the American muscle car have a future?

September 15th, 2008 · 1 Comment

A few days ago The Truth About Cars posted the question to its readers of “Does the American muscle car have a future?”   Here’s my response to that question. (For best results this should be read with a redneck accent.) Whoooweee! Man, what’chu talkin‘ ‘bout? Does the American muscle car have future?  Dang me. Who […]

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600HP for $25k

June 7th, 2008 · Comments Off on 600HP for $25k

So the 2006 GTO has resurfaced as my “Car of the Day”. (COTD)  The 2006 GTO received the same 6.0 liter engine from the Corvette.  With a stock 400hp and 400lb-ft of torque it is has some pretty stout performance out of the box.  However, under the twin scoops of the hood, sits a very […]

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The Evo X is the COTD

May 25th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The Car of the Day is simply about what car do I really want to buy today.  The car I want to buy today is once again the Mitsubishi Evolution.  I’ve appreciated the Evolution since it came to America.  There is something about a simple car that has converted into a super-car beater that appeals […]

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The Supercharged Mustang Bullitt is the COTD

May 24th, 2008 · Comments Off on The Supercharged Mustang Bullitt is the COTD

Ford’s top of the line Mustang is the GT500 it is the 500hp supercharged 5.4 liter V8.  However, this comes with the nearly a 500lb weight penalty.  Sure, its the fastest factory Mustang, but there is another Mustang that has pretty close performance numbers, especially when you add the Ford Factory Racing Supercharger to it.  […]

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BMW tii

May 19th, 2008 · Comments Off on BMW tii

Today’s car of the day is one of the greatest COTD’s ever and that is a car that isn’t out yet.  When you obsess over cars and it seems like you want a new car every day, the car that has not been released yet is an attractive option. A former COTD is the BMW […]

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Do you Vishnu?

May 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The great thing about modern turbo charged engines is that they are a simple reprogramming away from a serious horsepower “boost”.  It isn’t uncommon for a proper tune on a turbo charged engine to result in an extra 100hp! Is a Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru STI, Legacy GT, Forester XT, WRX or a BMW 335i on […]

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BMW’s 135i, 335i, and 535i are giving away free horsepower!

May 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment

For those of you that don’t know the “35” designation on the back end of BMW series number refers to the BMW’s 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline six cylinder motor.  The folks from Munich don’t want us to forget that the “M” in BMW stands for “motor”. When the 335i first hit the streets a lot […]

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The Second Golden Age of Muscle Car

May 11th, 2008 · 2 Comments

There was a time that 400hp was reserved for the Ferraris and Lamborghini’s of the world.  However, today there a number of 400hp cars on the market today. It wasn’t that long ago that the almighty Dodge Viper and Corvette Z06 were just tripping the 400hp barrier. Now you can by a Pontiac GTO, C6 […]

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