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East Texas Muscle Cars on Autoblog

September 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

East Texas Muscle Cars one of Texas’s premier GTO tuning shops has raised a bit of ruckus in the automotive world.  ETMC has decided to a V6 Camaro and challenge the almighty Nissan GT-R’s Nurburgring record.

Good luck to Steve and the crew at East Texas Muscle Cars on taking down Godzilla.

Read the full article at Autoblog here.

This is an important development in the world of muscle cars.  With new MPG standards coming from the new government all the speed freaks out there are going to need to find ways to squeeze more power out of less engine.  The Japanese and the Europeans are used to this mentality, its good to see that there is an American Muscle car future post V8 popularity.  There will still be V8s, just a lot less of them.  ETMC is bringing back the tradition of Buick GNX.  A hi-powered, turbo-charged, RWD muscle car is just what we need.

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