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The Nissan GTO?

December 7th, 2008 · No Comments

Regular readers of Car of the Day know that we at COTD are great fans of the new Pontiac GTO.  I’ve written plenty of info on the GTO.  One of the great things about the GTO was the amount of performance and quality that you get for the price.  

Nissan has done a pretty impressive job of combining these same factors with their new 370Z.  


The new 370Z can be had for less than $30k.  For your 30 grand you get a stylish 2 seater with 332hp and 270 lb-ft of torque.  That much horsepower in a 3,359 lb car gets you 60mph in 5 seconds and a 13.4 quarter mile.   

Those numbers are very similar to stats the magazines were reporting on the 400hp GTO.  The 350Z that was being sold at the same time as the GTO wasn’t really competitive with GTO in terms of straight-line performance.  In fact, in GTO circles there is a saying that goes something like this — “350Z kills are kinda like belly buttons, everybody’s got one.”  That won’t be true for the 370Z.  

 If you only need 2 seats and you want a new car and you don’t care for the “Bland Am” styling of the GTO check out the 370Z.  You can read more and watch some videos at Inside Line.

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