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Trailblazer SS

October 31st, 2008 · 2 Comments

If you want nearly 400hp.  If you want 4 doors.  If you want it all for less than $20k, then the Trailblazer SS is for you.  

With the bottom falling out of the SUV and truck market the Trailblazer SS has become the cheapest way to your hands on a LS2 powered vehicle.  

These SUVs are only a cold-air intake and a tune away from running in the mid 8s in the 1/8th of a mile, which is good enough for a sub 5 second 0-60 run.

The Trailblazer SS also is the most configurable transport option with a Corvette engine under the hood.  You can get your Trailblazer however you want it.  You can go fully loaded with all the normal luxury SUV options, including power everything, 4WD, leather everything, dual zone climate control, and all the other goodies. And if you want the cheapest, lightest option for your Trailblazer SS then you can pick up a 2WD SS with cloth seats.  

2WD vs 4WD is an interesting choice, because with the 4WD you can kiss good-bye to wheel-spin and problems launching.  With 2WD you get the lighter vehicle that allows for some tail out fun and with the right tires superior 1/4 mile times.   

Either way you up with one very well rounded SUV: fast, practical, spacious and economical.

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  • 1 Todd Gordon // Jul 24, 2009 at 10:29 am

    AWD……….NOT 4WD

  • 2 raw-o // Aug 10, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    whats the cheapest price on the ss????
    the lowest i can get one for??? brand new??