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The Wind in your Hair

July 7th, 2008 · 1 Comment

There’s that “wind in the hair feeling” that people say they have when they are enjoying their car or motorcycle.  I’ve been enjoying that feeling with my new GTO.  I don’t think that feeling has anything to do with wind or hair.  It is about everything in life lining up and making sense.  It is about a time that everything seems right with the world. 


It reminds me of the days of driving my first car that I had a hand in selecting.  It was a 1979 BMW 320i with a fresh paint job and a few mechanical mods to make it a little quicker than stock.  And the 320i needed all the help it can get to get additional power.  It was only rated for 110hp and 157lb ft from the factory, but it was still fun to drive with the famous BMW suspension and a 4 speed manual transmission.

Whenever I would wash my 320i I pop out the rear vent windows roll the windows down and cruise over to pick up my girlfriend.  All was right the world.  Will Smith did a good job of capturing this feeling in his song “Summertime”. 

Now I have another car that bring that feeling with simple 2nd gear scratch brought forth from the LS2 V8 overpowering the rear tires. 

Get a car you love.  Get a car that is fun to drive to you.  Get a car that makes every trip a chance to get that magical “wind in your hair feeling”.  How you define fun to drive is up to you and there are plenty of cars to match whatever your definition of fun to drive is, whether it is style over performance or fun to drive in the twisties or high mpgs or ultimate power.  Figure what is fun to you and starting enjoying your ride every time you get to drive it.

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