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The Holden Monaro

June 10th, 2008 · No Comments

 The Pontiac GTO actually didn’t start its life as an American car.  It is an import from Australia.  The Holden Monaro is how the car is known “Down Under”.  The Holden Monaro is built under the GM corporate umbrella.  When GM was looking to bring a rear wheel drive coupe to the American market Bob Lutz found the Holden Monaro to be the right car for America.  The car was re-badged as a Pontiac and the GTO was reborn.

The Monaro presents an intriguing option for the American GTO owner and that is a full on Monaro conversion to create a truly unique and special car.  I’m very interested in driving an unusual car that people don’t recognize.  And if people don’t recognize your car, then that can turn a 400hp GTO into a real sleeper.

To be honest I’ve never been much of a fan of exterior mods to a car that are simply for “show” and add no “go” to the vehicle.  However, if those exterior mods can convert to the car to an extremely rare Australian import, that is a completely different prospect.  The ability to take a mildly rare 400hp coupe to a true one of kind makes the GTO/Monaro a unique car.   I’m looking forward to the performance and exterior mod options that the GTO presents.

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