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600HP for $25k

June 7th, 2008 · No Comments

So the 2006 GTO has resurfaced as my “Car of the Day”. (COTD)  The 2006 GTO received the same 6.0 liter engine from the Corvette. 

With a stock 400hp and 400lb-ft of torque it is has some pretty stout performance out of the box. 

However, under the twin scoops of the hood, sits a very tunable motor.  The LS2 engine has a lot options to get even more horsepower out of it.  The GTO is a great platform to handle more power.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to really “boost” the horsepower is a supercharger.  There are plenty of supercharger systems designed specifically for the GTO.  They are relatively low cost, around $5,000 and can add as much as 200hp to the GTO.  All a supercharger really does is simply push more air into the engine. More air = more power, it is that easy.

This can be very appealing to speed freaks out there and would allow a person to keep a relative stock feeling to car without modding the engine to the edge of reliability.  A supercharger with a low psi on this engine would have little to no effect on reliability. 

In fact, a lot of manufacturers are supercharger their cars from the factory or including a supercharger dealer option.  Companies like Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Chevy, Saturn, Toyota, Ford and Lotus just to name a few are all have or are currently offering supercharging options.

One of the problems with boosting the horsepower on cars is the reliability problems.  This isn’t a problem with the GTO and one of the kits made specifically for the Pontiac.  It is being done a lot out there, so watch out for any GTOs that seem to have a little extra whine.  They could be sporting a 600hp boosted engine. 

Reliable, powerful, and a good deal, what more could you want?  This makes a GTO an even more appealing option.  At 400hp the GTO is fast, at 600hp it would be a real sleeper capable of running with nearly anything. 

If a GTO lands in my garage it wouldn’t stay stock for long and is a big reason the GTO is the COTD.  I’d be looking for a power boost.

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