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The Chevy Cobalt SS

May 9th, 2008 · No Comments

So what is a Chevy Cobalt SS?  Well to answer that question you have to start with what is a Cobalt?  A Cobalt is the successor to the much aligned, but high volume sales Cavalier. The next question is what does SS mean?  Well unfortunately, the SS on the Cobalt has meant several things.  At one time SS meant 200hp Supercharged engine.  A year or so later there was a model that was labled SS, it had all the makings of a the previous SS sans the supercharger. That same year the SS with supercharger was called SS Supercharged. 

A few years ago GM was doing a road show called “Auto Show in Motion.”  Everyone that signed up got the chance to drive all the new cars from GM, including the Corvette, CTS-V, GTO and Saabs, plus all the other GM vehicles.  It was at the Auto Show in Motion that drove one of the early versions Cobalt SS.  It was a surprisingly fun car to drive.  The supercharged engine had some good grunt and a blast to drive on the little road course that was set up. 

Then in a fairly unpublicized move the SS got some extra grunt.  The current Cobalt SS is now motivated by a turbocharged power plant that pumps out 260hp.  That’s the same number as the vaunted SRT-4.  The Cobalt SS model line will be joined by a sedan version next year. 

The Cobalt SS is the legitimate little brother to Corvette.  This Cobalt SS is currently the front wheel drive record holder at the Nurinburgring track in Germany.  The engineers that tuned the Cobalt SS actually kept a Mitsubishi Evolution around to continually compare the handling to.  Their goal was have a car that handled very close to the Evolution without being quite so hard core.

Chevy has actually created a very competent car that can realistically compete with cars like the Mazdaspeed3.  The question is will enthusiasts give the descendant of the Cavalier a chance? If you are in the market for a fun car check out the Cobalt SS, at less than $25k it is a 260hp turbocharged bargain.

The Cobalt SS has all the elements to be my “Car of the Day”.  It is a special car.  It is a fast car. And it is a blast to drive.

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